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Much like nature, portrait, or other forms of photography – is considered by those who practice it to be a form of art. Many crucial elements must be considered when working with product photography, such as color, composition, lighting, and setting, in order to make sure that the correct tone is set and that the correct message is conveyed to the end viewer.

While ultimately used as an advertising tool, there is no doubt that a correctly taken shot of a particular product can be captivating. A major consideration taken by the photographer is “what message will this photograph convey about the product?” Much like a wedding photographer wants bright colors and soft lights to convey a sense of peacefulness and joy, these are the characteristics of the photograph that must also be considered by the product photographer. If an inexperienced product photographer is utilized for the job, the end result could convey the wrong message, turning off consumers and having the exact opposite effect that the product’s developers or providers had in mind. You should always hire an experienced photographer, especially for fashion photography and event photography.

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In the early days of America, Montgomery Ward and Sears began sending catalogs through the mail with black and white sketches of hundreds of products available for purchase. That changed with the advent of product photography, which has been around as long as film has, and has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Product photography is utilized by everyone from mom and pop start-ups to Fortune 500 companies to present their products to consumers. Photographs of products appear in magazines, on billboards, on posters, on buses, on benches, in catalogs, on t shirts, on the internet… Even on race cars!

The importance of the power of product photography should not be underestimated when one considers that a single portrait of a single product has the potential to been seen by millions, perhaps billions of individuals. Often underestimated in comparison with other advertising mediums such as television and radio, still images have continued to be a driving force behind advertising. While some of the glory of the catalog ads may have dwindled since the 70s, the advent and increasing popularity of the internet & web design has brought back the still photograph as an essential element of advertising. Video ads have recently begun to gain ground on the internet, but the banner ad featuring a single still image of a product is still the gold standard in online advertising.

Product photography is as much an art form as any other form of still photography. And the very powerful messages and emotions that can be conveyed by this particular art form have been harnessed with spectacular success by individuals and businesses trying to raise awareness for a product, issue, service, or campaign. People have long been fascinated and intrigued by still photography; whether it is an iconic portrait of celebrity, a gorgeously captured landscape, a glimpse into the very edge of our universe, an old photo album full of candid family shots, or simply a captivating shot of a product.

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