Website Content Writer

Website Content Writer

Look for a website content writer who is knowledgeable about your products and your industry. You can either use crowdsourcing websites to get writers to create content for you or post adds on freelancing websites. The second solution allows you to choose which website contyent writer you want to hire and stay in touch with them. Using a crowdsourcing website should be more affordable and you will get results right away.


When asking writers to create content for your site, you should be specific about the topic, the quality of writing you expect and the keywords you need to use for SEO purposes. Review the writers’ submissions yourself to make sure it corresponds to the kind of content you need – and do not hesitate to reject their work. You should also do some research about what other web managers are paying writers to create content: offer a fair price so that your writers put some efforts into their work.


Stay in touch with the best website content writer and ask them to write new articles on a weekly basis. If you can, post two new articles a week on your site. Make sure you add links to other similar articles in this content and put the best articles aside for your monthly newsletter. If you use social networks, you can post a link to your new article. Always keep in mind that your goal is to get people to visit your site – and buy products or services. People will come back to your site and click on your links if they can expect quality articles. Do some research about your target audience to get a better idea of the kind of topics these people want to read about. Visit your competitors’ websites and make a list of topics they are writing about. Pay attention to what your customers are writing and sharing on social networks, and create a message board for your customers so you can learn more about their opinions on different topics. Give a good description of your target audience to your writers so they know what kind of tone and point of view will work best.
Keep track of your results: you should soon get a better idea of what kind of articles get more attention than others. Let your content writer know how much attention their articles got, and keep them updated about your projects and new products. Once you have found good writers you can count on to write articles every week, stay in touch with them. The selection process might be time-consuming, but you will be able to update your site easily and get more visits every week once you have a team of writers.

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