Video Production

Video Production

Viral videos are becoming an increasingly popular method of marketing, either to generate more product sales or to attract more employees. However, creating a successful viral videos is harder than it looks. Many companies have attempted to do so and failed. You should read this article to find out more about custom video production and what makes a good video.

You should have clear goals when creating a video. Ask yourself what the message of the video production should be, who it is targeted at, what your budget is and what your strategy to make the video popular is. Your next step should be to go to a corporate video production agency or to find an employee who knows enough about personalized videos to be in charge of the production. Make sure you hire someone who is competent. If you go to a video production agency, ask if you can see other videos created by this service. Look for quality videos – not viral or popular videos. Making the video go viral is your job and in a way, the popularity of an internet video is not linked to its quality or its budget. Review the video and make sure it conveys a positive message about your brand. You don’t even need to make your brand identifiable: if the video goes viral, internet users will be puzzled and keep thinking about the video until they find out it was a publicity stunt from your brand.

Web Video Production

Once the video is ready, do some internet marketing research about how other videos became viral. Your best option is to upload your video on Youtube and on similar video hosting sites. You then need to share the embedded video on social networks and on as many message boards as you can. After this, you only have to wait and hope that internet users will start sharing this video production with their friends on social networks, on blogs or message boards. You could encourage your employees and customers to share this video or even create fake accounts on message boards or blogs to share this content. If your video goes viral, you have to keep in mind that it will not stay popular for more than a week. Set a goal for yourself: once your video reaches a certain number of viewers, you have to move to the next step in your campaign. You could either create a second video or reveal yourself as the author of the popular video. Make sure you keep on launching similar campaigns so that the internet users who enjoyed the first viral video can recognize your style and message and share your content again.

Creating a successful video is hard, and you should consider other options to make your video more popular such as airing it on TV. It it important that you start with clear goals for your video: most companies use videos to create a brand identity, to get more attention, to recruit new employees or to give an insight into their diverse activities such as donating to charities.

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Whiteboard Video Production

Having a whiteboard video presentation allows your company to present your products and services in a fun, interactive style video presentation. Maximize your conversions with the power of video. Keep visitors engaged on your website increasing your average user time which increases your search engine ranking.